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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

The Death Of The Son....

Hi Everyone,

Yesterday at Women's Bible Study, one of my friends was talking about appreciating the death of Christ and why "rejecting it and many people still wanting to get to heaven WITHOUT Jesus" doesn't work.

My friend gave an analogy.....I might be changing it slightly

Imagine that someone has serious health issue..and they are dying. And your son, if it were possible, took the disease on that person's behalf and dies, while the person with the disease originally lives. But then imagine that everyone in the world from the time of his death, without reason or cause, acts as if he was a horrible person and gives no thanks, gratitude, or kindness towards remembering what he did, including the person he took the disease from. How would you feel???

You would probably be quite upset, thinking, "Why are people treating my son this way, when what he did was kind and sacrificial?"

Well in a tiny way, it's what Jesus did for us, but His sacrifice was for our sin and He took our punishment upon Himself because He loved us.

So when people, maybe sometimes not totally quite realizing it, because they are deceived, or maybe realizing what they are doing, treat Jesus with disrespect saying that there are "other ways to God" (WHICH THERE ARE NOT EXCEPT FOR CHRIST ALONE), or that "everyone will end up in heaven regardless" (NOT TRUE AGAIN), think abouyt what God feels!

People get mad that there "aren't more ways to God." But in reality, they aren't looking at it accurately----AT LEAST THERE IS ONE WAY---AND ONE WAY ONLY---through the blood of Jesus Christ shed on our behalf on the cross, and through His resurrection proving that He is who He said He is---the One and only Son of the One and ONLY LIVING GOD!!! God, in His holiness, cannot just "forget about" our sin.

If there was "another way to be saved," Jesus Christ's death on the cross would have been TOTALLY AND COMPLETELY IN VAIN AND FOR NO PURPOSE!

Creating "our own relative truth" doesn't cut it---EVER!!!

And the TRUTH is that God has already done EVERYTHING POSSIBLE to make the way open to us----if people choose to reject that--there is nothing more God can do to "make it more possible for them" to inherit salvation.

He already did it--a completed finished work--ONCE and FOR ALL!!!

I never know who reads this website--I don't totally ever want to know how God is using it, because in my human flesh, I know pride could become an issue and I DON'T ever want that! At the same time, I am thankful that He is using it, and I since I never know who is reading it, I am attempting to encourage the body of Believers in the faith, but at the same time, have posts that may possibly touch the hearts of those that "happen" to stumble across it in their internet browsing, and that may not yet know Jesus as Savior, and be drawn to consider where they truly stand with Him.

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