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Thursday, September 9, 2010

Living in Community--Teaches You!

Hi Everyone,

I am still thinking a lot about how living in community teaches you so many different things. When you live with people they hopefully are able to gently point out things that you need to work on so that you grow and see weaknesses and other issues that you normally don't see in yourself.

I had one of these moments again yesterday and today....and it was actually a good thing. I ma THANKFUL to have sisters in Christ, especially that prayerfully point things out when needed.

We don't want to ever "get obsessive" about how other people perceive us. What really matters is how God sees us and what our standing with Him really is! However, in order to be the most effective as possible in Sharing the gospel, and being a light of Jesus Christ in this world, we should at times give some healthy thought to "how others perceive us." We may, for example, have a caring heart for the lost, but come off abrupt and possibly offend people by being "task orientated" and focusing on "the next thing." in our minds before we have totally finished a conversation with someone--or along the same lines, respond with an improper quick greeting, or none at all, when someone new walks in the door as we are going out, "because we have a place we need to be at", and not take the time to offer a gentle and simple explanation.

We, obviously don't want to come across as rude or abrupt when we really do care about the other individual.

So I have been thinking about these things in a healthy way, and asking for the Lord's help so that I REFLECT HIM more clearly....and by HIS GRACE, it IS possible!!!

In Discipleship and growth........we NEED each other!!

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