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Saturday, September 11, 2010

Saturday Bible Club

Hi Everyone,

Since I am in the states right now, hoping to return back to Mexico, but desiring to glorify God regardless of where I am located and wanting to share the gospel with whoever God brings across my path, I jumped at the opportunity to help one of my fellow residents and room mates here with a children's Bible club that she feels very burdened to start, in a neighborhood semi-close to where I live right now.

I am not "running the club", but going more as a support and help to her.

Here are some pictures!

Here are a few examples of the crafts:

Music time:

Here my friend and another helper are working with the younger children on the porch:

Here is my friend having the Bible lesson time with the whole group:

Here is the "prop" for the object lesson about how Jesus forgives our sins when we trust in Him alone for salvation!

So today I was praying while things were going on and taking some pictures. As the weeks continue, I hope to do more of the lessons and all. I wanted to observe today to be sure that I understood how she was doing things!

Please pray regarding the children's club for....

1) The personal preparation and leading of the Lord for all of us who have a part in the children's lives and are involved in any way.

2) Pray for the children-that the Lord would work in their hearts and lives, and that they would either through the Bible club or later on in life, come to place their trust in the person of Jesus Christ for their salvation.

3) Pray for the families of these children--I don't know their stories, but it is possible that some may come from broken homes or other difficult situations. Pray their parents would also be drawn by the Lord to understand their need to trust in Jesus for salvation as well.

4) Please pray for the neighborhood that we are reaching out to and that the Lord would bring the children that He wants to have come that week.

5) Pray that the love of Jesus would be evident in our lives, even in the little things, to the children and as we interact preparing together.

Thank you for praying!

We were excited with how our first afternoon went. About 25 children came!

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