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Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Leaving A Legacy...........

hi Everyone,

What do you think of when I say the words, "leave a legacy?'

I am not sure what you just thought of, but sometimes when we talk about leaving a legacy, it has to do with the children and posterity that are a result of a marriage union.


But what happens when the married couple discovers they "can't have children due to issues with one spouse or the other?" They WANT to have children more than anything in the world, but aren't able to and instead of trying to explain the complexities to everyone who asks why they don't have kids, they simply say, "We chose not to have any." And that isn't totally the truth--i mean they wanted children more than anything in the world, but for some reason, God in his purposes and wisdom didn't allow it.

Marriage doesn't guarantee the couple will have children. In God's eyes, it just gives them the freedom, permission, and opportunities to make the attempt. But there is so much more to marriage than just having a family.

And What about the single girl, or guy, that truly desired to raise or have a family, but God calls her, or him, to serve the Lord without a family--without a husband or wife. She, or he, has to trust that God is doing what is best, for him or her, and that God's plan is perfect, even if it isn't quite what she, or he, had in mind and dreamed of.--But what about her or his legacy?? She, or he, obviously isn't going to leave what is commonly thought of as "a family."

None of these leave behind a "Physical family---a family from their own flesh and blood.."

The thought of not having "physical children" is a real loss to many. It is something that many need to grieve and work through for a time. God has given us the desire to create (within a God-ordained marriage relationship). Maybe this has something to do with either the fact that we were created in the image of a God who also created mankind and this earth that we live in and everything else in the universe! It also may be part of the blessing that God gave both to Adam and Eve (Genesis 1:27-28) and also to Noah and his sons (Genesis 9:1) telling them to "Be fruitful and multiply....and fill the earth.)

And many that can not have children chose to adopt and love their adopted children just as if they were born unto them. This is a WONDERFUL thing and such a picture of what Christ has done by adopting US into His family......

So when it comes to leaving a legacy...there are other kinds of legacies left behind....Here are a few among several: having a testimony of a life truly lived to God's glory that pointed to Jesus, or having "spiritual family."--People that God allowed you to disciple, invest in, or help to grow in their new relationship with Jesus....or the legacy of being used to plant seeds in hearts and lives towards the gospel.....sometimes.....without seeing the results of what God has called you to.

SO WHATEVER THE LEGACY IS THAT YOU ARE CALLED TO LEAVE, LIVE IT WELL----TO GOD'S GLORY, HONOR, AND PRAISE! May we each serve Jesus faithfully. Life often turn out like we dream of and hope for, but let's serve God----trusting that He is doing nothing other than the very best for us!

And whatever our "state in life" is we must remember that our contentment is found in KNOWING GOD and walking with Him--NOT in "getting what we want...." Christ wants us first and foremost satisfied with Him.

Yes, LORD, HELP US to be totally satisfied with You!!

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