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Saturday, September 11, 2010

Healed by a Biker??

Hi Everyone,

I went for a walk this morning, and I guess I must have been limping more than usual due to my slight Cerbal Palsy and just being tired from not sleeping so well last night due to some other issues.

As I am walking back, a biker comes by and says "in the Name of Jesus." I turned around and was thinking "What?...And DON'T use His Name irrelevantly" And He said "In the name of Jesus, I command you to walk."

By this time he had long ridden past, and I was like what?

I might step on some toes here by saying my next thoughts--but I am still going to say them.

There isn't anything wrong with wanting to get healed from something, especially if that "something" causes you excruciating pain that make it hard for you to do things like function normally during the day, or be able to sleep at night.

And I don't deny that sometimes God heals people of things--infact he does it a lot-through modern medicine, and even through our prayers--in a correct sense.

BUT SOMETIMES, like in the case of this man on the bike, it didn't really bother me personally, but I feel like sometimes people that don't know you and are just eager to shout out some statement, automatically assuming you should get healed or get relief from whatever it is, may not really understand why we suffer or go through trials and what the purpose of that is.

I am not trying to judge the guy on the bike. It is just that sometimes enduring under a trial of whatever sort, and NOT getting relief from it, builds your trust in God even more because you deal with it day in and day out--and learn to trust God in the midst of it-I mean even Paul had his thorn in the flesh.

God is teaching me that right now through a separate issue not even related to my cerebal palsy. I wish it could get fixed, but at the same time, if that is how God wants to receive glory from my life by facing this separate issue that we haven't found a cause for yet--He totally has the right to do that---and I accept that because I love him so much and want HIS character so formed in me, that I am wiling to go through whatever I have to so that I am made more like Him. THAT is the "theology of suffering!" I know everything that God does in my life is literally done with none other than my best interests in His heart, that HIS WAYS are HIGHER than mine and beyond my understanding.....


Now don't get me wrong! I am NOT saying we shouldn't go to the doctor and try to figure out our health.....we should do that, but also realize that sometimes after the resources have been exhausted, and a cause may have not been found, that God too wants to use that in our DOESN'T MEAN that it is easy!!!!

But God intimately KNOWS ALL that concerns us....and NOTHING....ABSOLUTELY NOTHING ESCAPES HIS NOTICE....AND HE WILL work it all out for good if we let Him!

Joy in our trials is a calm delight and peace based on the foundation of who Christ is and a complete confidence in Christ and the unchangeable character of God in the midst of our trials---whatever they might be. (They don't just have to be physical)

And one day all of the suffering will be done away with....and we can press on til then!!!!! Sometimes our suffering and trials can be frustrating, but they DO have an end in sight and are LIGHT AND MOMENTARY compared to the great JOY that awaits us.....and the peace and joy that we have now.

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Glenn E. Chatfield said...

My guess is that the biker goes to one of the charismatic churches in town who claim the gift of healing is for today as well as it was in the NT. The problem is that the gift of healing was one of the gifts the apostles had to authenticate their position, and it wasn't something the average Christian had as gift. That's one of the problems with the deception in the signs and wonders movement.