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Sunday, August 8, 2010

Ambassadors For Christ--Make Your Life Count---And Take It Seriously!!!

Hi Everyone,

It is interesting that the Pastor at my home church preached a sermon along the lines of the title of this post this morning at church. The importance of recognizing that we are Jesus Christ's ambassadors of we have placed our trust in Him alone for Salvation and the importance of making our lives count and taking SERIOUSLY our lives as opportunities to share the gospel, wherever we are, with those around us, and leave the results to God.

So strangely enough, as God has given me multiple amazing opportunities this week to share the gospel in a variety of places and situations to people ranging from six year old children to adults, last night before going to bed, I wrote a blog post draft titled:


So this post is a mix of my thoughts from last night and some verses that my Pastor used in His sermon this morning---but out general thoughts and main point are one in the same (and I didn't know this before going to church this morning!) Is God cool or what?

so I will ask my question: Do we as believers that hell and eternal separation from Christ forever is the true fixed destiny of those that have never trusted Christ and die in their sins without trusting Christ's payment on the cross for their sins on their behalf?

Most of us, who profess to have trusted Christ would probably honestly say. "yes."

So if we really believe that hell is where those who are unsaved will spend eternity, this should have an impact on how we share the gospel and our unquenchable desire to share it with whomever, wherever, whenever, as God gives opportunity. I realize some believers honestly (and all of us occasionally) may have fear of sharing the gospel or "how someone will respond." or better yet we fear "having the 'right words' to say to them."

But if we really believe hell is the reality for each unbeliever (AND IT IS), our compassion and seeing the lost as Christ sees them, as prisoners held captive, our fear for their eternal state should outweigh our own little fears, because what awaits them is much greater, and oh so much more fearful.

I realize at the same time that God uses each of us differently. Some believers truly do have more of a gift of evangelism than others, but we should not use that as "an excuse to NOT share the gospel" because we "don't have the 'gift' or something!

I am not trying to make you feel guilty, but to just remind you and encourage you to take the natural opportunities that God gives you AND BE LOOKING FOR THEM and ASKING GOD FOR THEM. EACH ONE OF US has a testimony of how God saved us, if we are His, that we can share with someone else. Hopefully we all have a Bible we can use to share some verses with someone, or you can pick up a simple gospel tract (just make sure that it explains the gospel accurately and simply), and don't just hand it to someone (people most likely will not read it on their own), but sit down and work through it with them, and then hand it to them, in case they may want to read it later on their own.

Do we believe that Hell is real? If so, what are we doing about that?

How are our actions, thoughts, the way we move, the way we talk, what we say, how we respond to the "mundane" things, REFLECTING THE LOVE OF CHRIST TO THOSE AROUND US??

Think of EVERYTHING as an opportunity!! God wastes nothing.

BUT pray for wisdom for how to interact with those who do not yet believe, that are LITERALLY ALL AROUND YOU AND I!!!! Pray to be able to make the most of every opportunity.

In heaven, we won't be able to share the gospel with anyone and have them "be saved."

It is a "Here and now" thing ONLY!!!!!!!`

One verse that was mentioned in the sermon today was Daniel 12:3 which says, "Those who have insight will shine brightly like the brightness of the expanse of heaven, and those who lead the many to righteousness, like the stars forever and ever."

In the margin of my Bible, I wrote, "God, I WANT to be that way." It isn't that I am anything in and of myself and it isn't about "my glory." I just want to be used of God to see His Kingdom furthered extensively, above and beyond any other goal or desire in my life.


God's responsibility is to save people.

But we, as believers, are an intricate, valuable, and important part in the WORD GOING OUT--so that then God can bring forth the purpose for which the truth of His Word has been sent out.

So I AGAIN with love and gentleness, encourage you, whether you are a fairly new believer, or whether you have been walking with the Lord for many many years to look for the natural opportunities God gives to you today and in the coming week.

The day of Christ's return is one day closer than it was yesterday---May He find us faithful---and may we be motivated, for the sake of Jesus Christ's love for those that do not yet know Him to NOT SHRINK BACK IN FEAR, BUT TO RATHER SHARE UNSWERVINGLY THE HOPE THAT WE POSSESS!!!!

Blessings to you all--May the Lord Jesus Christ Himself give you and me HIS LOVE FOR THE LOST AND BOLDNESS WITH GENTLENESS TO SHARE!!!


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