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Friday, August 13, 2010

The Flight and Arrival To Mexico

Wow Everyone!!

God is SO good!!!!!!!!

It is all about Him! Let me tell you the story of how He took care of me and provided yesterday during my flights. (for those of you that already read the previous post, "Above the clouds" I will be updating that this morning later. I have some things to add.)

So, after I got to the Dallas/Fort Worth airport, I spent a lot of time hanging out and observing people-it is so much fun to observe people at the airport! Anyways, I was dilly dallying around and finally leisurely went over to my terminal, being pretty confident that I knew which gate I was at, because I had checked the monitors to be able to know. Well, I spent quite a bit of time hanging out in terminal D and all of the sudden realized it was 5:43 and my flight was suppose to boarding the plane at 5:45, but there had not been a single announcement about my flight.

I realized I really needed to find a monitor and figure out what was up ASAP and was almost starting to panic for a second, because I thought, "Oh NO! What if I miss my flight?!" But I told myself to calm down and that somehow God would work this out! I went over to the monitor and all of the sudden was so confused because my flight information had been changed.

And then there was a stewardess standing by the monitor, and thinking that she would be able to help, I asked her about it. She took a look at my ticket, and told me to come with her because she was going the same place and my gate had changed all the way to the other side and end of terminal D. There was another passenger, who was a woman, that was confused too, so that the stewardess basically took us both along with her! I've never been that confused about finding a flight before.

Meanwhile, we discovered that our flight was like at least half an hour delayed. So I began to talk with the woman that had been confused too, got to share a little but about my faith in Christ, and many other things-in Spanish, because that is what she spoke!

I began to get more and more excited as our gate area began to be filled with more and more Spanish speakers and soon I was surrounded by 95% Spanish.

Then out flight got delayed yet again, but the gate stayed the sane.

Finally, we boarded the plane, but then we had to wait because the luggage guys had some mix ups.

Aboard the plane, I was seated by the window (praise the Lord!) and two men were seated in the row with me, one that I had talked to some throughout the whole day because he had also gotten on at the plane at my original beginning of the trip. So I had a little bit of an opportunity to share with him, being careful and trying to be appropriate in all interactions, of course. But it was neat to be able to share.

Now, once we finally we able to pull away from the gate (after praying earnestly for the luggage guys that they would figure out their issue so that everyone's belongings would get on that plane,) I began to sob and cry and cry and sob. It was a good thing I was back towards where the motors or whatever was behind the wings, so no one had to listen. And it was a good thing I had a window to look out of. :)

But I was crying tears of joy and gratitude, because God had done such an amazing work in my life, and that was the ONLY reason I was physically, emotionally, and spiritually even going back to Mexico. And I was thinking of the privilege of being able to serve the Lord, and be with my precious team these next thirteen days. It was awesome, you all---just reflecting on all that God has done in my life these (almost) last three months. IT REALLY IS BECAUSE OF HIM THAT I AM HERE IN MEXICO RIGHT NOW!!!

So flying into Mexico city an hour and a half behind (almost) in the dark, was amazing. It was so cool to see all of the lights of the city (like Chicago, but MUCH BIGGER!), and to think about all the people that Mexico City represents and all of the people that God loves and longs to bring to Himself.

Upon arriving in Mexico City, I was granted a 180 day (six month) visa (Um, as a joke, but half serious, can I stay and use it the whole 180 days, please?) Actually we KNOW it isn't quite God's timing for that yet, BUT OH! HOW I LONG TO STAY!!!!! And I will at the right time.

After going through immigration, I grabbed my luggage and went through customs, without any problems, no suitcase searches, even though I had various packaged food items for people on my team. (and by the way there was nothing that would have been unacceptable.) But it was just nice not to have been "searched" again.

So I got on the bus to go from Mexico City to Cuernavaca, and one of the same guys that had been on the plane, seated in my row, was also on the bus. So a few of us were chatting up near the front for awhile, but then peaceful sleep overcame me and I fell asleep the rest of the way, until I woke up, just long enough to wonder where I was, which was actually about seven minutes away from the Cuernavaca bus station. The couple from my Mexico team had so graciously waited almost three hours for me to arrive! That was precious of them to do that!

So here I am in Mexico- our mini-conference starts Sunday night. The temperature is so refreshing and cool outside-a real break from the humidity in Iowa!!!

I love it here----I really love it here. It feels like the hard stuff that I went through never happened----and BEST OF ALL, IT FEELS LIKE I AM TRULY AT HOME!!!!!!!!! I love hearing the familiar sounds of the culture and life here again!!! I love BOTH parts of my life---in the states and here!

Praise the Lord for HIS good gifts, which for me, include these next days in Mexico--with my team---and I am eager to enjoy every moment of them!!!!

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