Psalm 146:2 "I will praise the LORD all my life; I will sing praise to my God as long as I live."

Friday, August 20, 2010

Today's MEXICO Update!

Hi Everyone,

Today was a pretty neat day! It started out with a neat time with the Lord in the morning and after that I went to the big market in Cuernavaca with a co-worker. I was looking for something special to take back, but the recipe of the food treat item had changed and it wasn't even worth the trouble to buy it. :(

Then my co-worker had to get back home for some things she needed to do, so I wandered around taking pictures of the zocalo (town square plaza) and I went over to the tourist-y silver market to buy a few gifts. I also found an awesome butterfly bracelet for myself-thought it was appropriate for the "I AM A NEW CREATION" reality!!!!

After realizing I should not be in the tourist market anymore (you can spend a lot of money in there really quick if you aren't careful), I started walking around a little more and ran into a guy who paints beautiful pictures on plates, coins, and other things. (He is about the only guy I've ever shared the gospel with--totally safe public environment out in the open with people walking by constantly) I had shared the gospel with him as a short-termer. Well today, it was amazing because we talked for over an hour about the gospel!!! And I just kept praying and asking the Lord how to respond next because he kept coming back with more and more questions. Please pray for Javier. Some things he said made me think he is so close to coming to Christ, and yet obviously in other ways in a lot of confusion yet. It was so exciting though--my heart just jumped with joy as he talked more and more, asking and asking and asking.

But I had to go because I was late for a lunch appointment with some friends.

There was another lady I got to share the gospel with that I bought some gifts from as well.

So eventually, after some confusion over a changed bus stop, I got to my friends house for lunch! It was great to sit around their table, take some photos together, and just talk and get caught up. I shared my testimony of what God has done recently with them as well. IT WAS AWESOME!!!!

Now I need to go because I need to head over to Fernando and Flor's house for the night and finish packing some things first.

I am having a blast down here---can't wait til I come back long term!! I totally LOVE it here! It isn't perfect by any means though! (And yes, I love life in my hometown too, but being here is like extra special---somehow!! --I LOVE MEXICO!!!!)

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